Moses and the Burning Within, a musical, is the story of finding a home. And how being at home, being at peace, means answering the call burning within your heart. Moses and the Burning Within is a musical in two acts adapted from the Book of Exodus. Designed for a choir concert or full stage production, Moses and the Burning Within spans the time between Moses’ birth and crossing the Red Sea. Since its release in 2009, Moses and the Burning Within has been licensed over 80 times in 23 states.

“NO!” is the first word we hear screamed from the depths of Moses’ soul. He is waking up to his true identity. And though he may have been aware of his dual citizenship as both a Hebrew and the adopted son of Hatshepsut, the daughter of Pharaoh, everything changed the moment he really understood the truth. Killing an Egyptian didn’t help. Disconnected from his kinsmen and misunderstood by his adopted family, Moses flees to Midian. But, he’ll be back.

According to one San Antonio youth minister, “We were the first group to perform an early version of Moses back in 2006. It created an atmosphere like nothing I have ever seen before. Performing it provided a spark that ignited our entire community to work together in a new and profound way. We found ourselves—our own lives—in this story. This music will always resonate in our hearts as a powerful and joyful touchstone to the incredible story of Moses.”


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