“Music is about heart, and rarely does an artist come along who so sincerely and wholly opens the heart like David Kauffman. My spiritual life has been deeply enriched because of David’s talent; bringing together melody with the words we so often read and hear in the gospels. Together those two elements form the key that has opened the door of my heart to Jesus Christ.”

Jimmy Patterson – Midland, TX

“David’s music changes you.  It widens your soul’s vision, heightens your inspiration, and deepens your grasp of the Divine. David’s music opens your Soul to resonate with God.”

Stephen Steinbeiser – Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been privileged to host David Kauffman in two Catholic Parishes for three concerts, to conduct two music minister retreats, and to produce his musical MOSES!   David’s concerts are filled with his original and beautifully stirring music. Each song is clearly connected with his faith journey, and his servant life and ministry. His skill as a storyteller, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist is richly and warmly shared.”

Sr. Camille Martinez-Jennings, LA